Running Time:
Screen Ratio:
Year Completed:
March 2005
Nationality of Production:
Scotland / India
Original Languages:

A beggar boy tries to escape the harsh city and embarks on a
spiritual journey.

A Scottish woman’s act of charity inspires a crippled Indian beggar boy to escape the beggar master who controls him.The boy’s plan backfires; he is separated from the girl he secretly loves and flees the city. Unable to find his way home, he embarks on an arduous spiritual journey.

Jai is a young crippled street kid hustling and begging in Mumbai. He gets lucky when a tourist gives him money and plans to return to his village. When the Gang Master who controls Jai punishes his friend, Nisha, Jai takes revenge and is forced to flee the city. Alone and unable to find his way home, he embarks on a pilgrimage to atone for his sins and pray for a better life.